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Hey guys! Its have been a long, long time since the last I've update this blog. A lot of work I've got to do. There's no time for me to update the blog. So, this time I just wanna to share to you guys a story about a scam, a lucky draw scam (something like that).

Yesterday evening, I've receive a phone call but the caller number does't show up because it use private number. I pick up the call because it may be from the company that I've sent my CV for job interview. But, its not. The caller address himself as Power Root worker and he explained to me that their company is having a lucky draw contest (but I did't participate), and I've won it! Third place! The prize is MYR 3000! Wow! In my head like "Is that true?!" and the answer is NO! because I never heard that Power Root held an event like this. But I still talk to the like I really want that prize money. Just want to know how their scam is.

After that he told me that the lucky draw is done by using sim card number and its only for Celcom user. Then he asked me where I lived and I told him. But not my real address though. Its for my own safety. Then he asked to meet me at my preferred local bank. That's start to show a little bit about their scam. First he asked me if I have Hong Leong Bank card or Muamalat Bank card, but I said I don't have it. Then I said to him "how if I use somebody else bank card?" but he said "no! how we can do the transaction without your bank card!?". The transaction can be done using someone else bank card. I just can't make a withdraw with it, but still can do the transaction. So that's the point!.

The conversation continues. After that, he asked me if I had another bank card. So, I said to him that I have BSN bank card and the bank is near to my house (not really! I even does't have BSN account! Hahaha!) and he said to meet him there. I gave him 15 minute for me to get there. He gave me his phone number (which is I does't remember. Sorry) and to call him when I arrived. Then he hangout the phone. I did't go there. I never fall for that trick. After several hour, I did't received any phone call from him or any of his so call company.

I don't really know what will they do if I meet them. But what I sure know is that they will withdraw all your savings as you in semi-conscious. How do they do that? Black magic. Because a lot of case that have been reported many have been rob without their knowing. That happen in front of the bank with security all over it. Many of the victims said that, they not realize when they have been rob. They walk the door as usual. They never stop walking. After reaching their car or any where they want to go, then will they check their money. And its gone. As they watching the cctv footage, they shock by what they seen. After walk out of the bank they stop and just stand there. Then a men came and took the money away. This happen to my cousin several years back.

I just want to share this because this scam has been active ye again. When you receive a phone call especially private number, don't hang up. Just listen what will they told to you. The men that call me tried to talk Malay but he still have a little bit of Indonesian dialect. So please be careful. If they ask for your bank account number, never gave it.

So that's it for this time. I hope you will be more careful when dealing this kind of scam. Bye!


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